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Musical Artistic Development - Vocal Motion

Musical Artistic Development

588px-Monarch_Butterfly_ChrysalisA career is born in public — talent in privacy.

-Marylin Monroe

There is something I always sing to remind myself, “You gotta have a gimmick if you’re gonna make it good”-from the Musical Gypsy. It’s a good quote.  It sticks. When I first started singing and performing as an adult, I had a helpful nudge from my partner. We all need the nudge when we are ready.

I had about 25 songs, half jazz, half originals, my guitar, amp, and mic. And I played and it was fun. I had a show twice a month at this super cute artsy restaurant. And the consistency of that place gave me the opportunity of develop as a musician.

Many moons passed, and I listened to my internal ques. I was getting bored with my music, I needed to take the next step in Musical development. I needed a gimmick, I needed more fun! Change! By turning on your intent and actively searching for it, you can find it.

  • What is your natural talent?
  • How do you express in day to day?

Do you know when you are musically expressing yourself?  Turn on your awareness, what are you doing?  This is a tricky one. Play detective. Eg, “I notice I sing a lot in the morning” or “When I walk I make rhythms with my hands on my chest.”

Start recognizing your natural inclinations for music.

Make a note of it. Talent is born in private.

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