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About - Vocal Motion


Vocal-Motion: a wild exploration of self through vocal instruction, movement arts, and breath work.

Being in the natural world inspired VoMo’s creation. It takes place in beautiful environments, to relax the mind and encourage growth.

VoMo was born out the search for freedom and fun in life, in body, and in mind. Moving the body with breath-awareness coupled with expressive-sound opens the body, mind, and creative-self every day.

This system creates a core foundation for wellness and physical health. VoMo prepares you, the vocalist  to express yourself soundly in the venue that you choose, be it on stage singing and or acting, public speaking or the fundamental desire to express yourself clearly and profoundly in your environment.

In the process you will learn exercises that promote vital, positive and fundamental change, such as decreased stress and depression, a stronger more flexible body and an expressive voice. This Program provides the foundation for Physical Grace and Vocal Prowess!  Enjoy your life, your breath, your being, and your voice with Vocal-Motion!